Blog Award

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I know it seems like I’ve abandoned my blog, but I really haven’t. So many things have been happening over the past 2 weeks. And I’m re-learning how to deal with some stuff. Don’t worry, I will be filling y’all in on it sometime soon.
Alright, enough rambling. might get sidetracked again and completely forget what I wanted to post.
From Miera

I know that there are so many of these blog “awards” floating around, but I figured I might as well post it anyways. Spread some love and let my fellow bloggers know how much I enjoy reading their blogs. Who doesn’t like to know that they’re appreciated, right? The instructions are simple, and pretty much the same.
i) Link the person who gave it to you.
ii) Pick a few blogs (number may vary), link them and let them know they’ve been given the award.
Now it’s your turn to spread the love!

3 thoughts on “Blog Award

  1. RS says:

    aww, thank u love! this means a lot to me. =) so sweet!

  2. Shrinky says:

    Whey-Hey (doing high-kicks on the coffee table)!! Why thank you, Bonny Lass – what a lovely surprise to start my day, I feel much honoured.

    Love the new blog make-over, too..

  3. Mich says:

    thats so sweet of you =) thx..muah muah..haha ! Right, just remember all is well =D

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