When it RAINs, it pours!

F1 weekend @ Sepang. 8-10 April 2011

My journalist :)

Winners (L-R) Jenson Button (2nd), Sebastian Vettel (1st) and Nick Heidfeld (3rd)

And then it was time for Rain! (Okay, I’m not a huge fan, but why not?)

Joe Flizzow

Sona-One. Or Mika, to us.

The superstar!

The only awesome thing was that we had media passes. So we were literally 5 feet from the stage. In front of the barricade. If only it was someone I really wanted to see perform live.

For those crazy Rain fans, the full set of photos are viewable HERE.

3 thoughts on “When it RAINs, it pours!

  1. Mich says:

    not really a big fan of rain but…BUTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh..jenson button, whoops.. u get to see him so near !!! oh amm geee, charissa !! >< envy

  2. Charissa says:

    @ Jim – Thanks. I take some of them. But the camera and most of the pictures belong to my boyfriend. He does some photography.

    @ Mich – Hehehehehe. “Media”. Such an amazing little word, isn't it? :)

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