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No, it isn’t some empty diet pill promise. It is…
Chief’s Original Bootcamp. Or Original Bootcamp’s Malaysia Corps Training. A military inspired, outdoor group personal training program that utilises discipline based motivational techniques.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wasting my time away, not doing anything physically productive. I normally go through what I would call an “annual workout phase”. A month or two of exercising like crazy mad and dropping back down to my ideal weight. It fluctuates like nobody’s business! I was 65kg at my heaviest, and 47 at my lightest. Now I’m closing in to 60 again and freaking out! It’s because I slacked a whole lot last year, exercise wise, and didn’t even do the usual month of workout.
I’ve heard of these bootcamp type things, and I’ve had friends go for it, but it never really occurred to me to go and register myself. It can be pretty pricey to some people. RM300 per month. That’s a whole lot more than most gym’s would ask for. So yeah, you can see why I haven’t really bothered. Until I saw this.
That’s right people! 30 friggin bucks for a month’s worth of training sessions! All you do is go to the MilkADeal page HERE. Follow instructions on the website. And once you’re done go to Chief’s Original Bootcamp‘s website and look for
It’s been scientifically designed to achieve serious results, seriously fast, no matter what you current fitness level is, so don’t worry about not being able to handle it. Or if you’re unsure, go to the recruitment page and enroll yourself for a Free Trial! Don’t have any excuses now, do you?
The trial is next week. And the MilkADeal ends in 5 days. I’ve already registered myself and a friend for it. So what are you waiting for????? Go ahead and