Coz I’m just Freaky like that!

More photos. In celebration of my blog turning 3!
And also because I love my readers :)
I want to experiment with photography now. While I still have a DSLR to use. Although these photos were taken by my run of the mill Sony cybershot something. I don’t know how to time DSLRs. Can they be timed in the first place? And if they can, how do you get them sitting nicely sideways. You know, if you don’t have a tripod. Or do you camwhore using a remote?
Anyhooooo. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, but I need a hobby now so I’m looking for voluntary “models” around the KL/PJ area :) Drop a line by here or on FB if you’ve got some free time on your hands. I promise awesome shots for your portfolio! Or if you don’t care about that, I promise we’d have a really fun shoot. I think I’m fun…

9 thoughts on “Coz I’m just Freaky like that!

  1. nice pictures babe….

  2. well i like the first on a tuesday.. the second on a friday… the third everyday preferably.. the last every morning :)

  3. JIM says:

    OK GReat Just what I need competition plus she's sexy lol

    Really well done.

  4. Isaac Tan says:

    You look great in these pictures Charissa! even if it was shot using a sony cybershot!

    My eXperiences –

  5. Charissa says:

    Thanks you guys! :)

  6. David says:

    Nice pics, combo of sexy and cute. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. ken says:

    fiery shots! :)

  8. kuromeowiie says:

    u looks freaking HOT!!>

  9. Kelly says:

    I love the last one! So sexay!

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