This is one woman that never fails to make my day seeing her.

The last time we met was … a VERY impromptu kidnapping-me-plan, mid-2010.

by the word kidnapping, you’d probably realize it’s not the blogger herself blogging.

Then last Wednesday, lo and behold we met again after quite a long hiatus. Y’all got to know that the hiatuses weren’t normal back in those days; but I guess we’re not exempted from the usual friendship norm : closer than ever and then life has its ways to part us – in this I mean the lifestyle, the timing, circumstances, etc; but what’s miraculous is that we can be out of touch for months or years on end, but meeting up again still meant sighing at the same time, laughing and stopping at the same time, saying the same words at the same time, looking at each other and we get it at the same time.. :p

And not forgetting STAH-GEE and SPAH-DEE.

So hello, reappearing again after so long, I bid a hacker’s welcome to MYSELF a.k.a the woman or whom she fruit-fectionally call as pineapple. I have no idea why she started the whole pineapple thing.. I’m not- okay, I AM yellow… ‘cos I’m Chinese, but I’m not.. acidic. Or sour. Or.. pokey.
Well you get my point. Even I don’t get her sometimes, so if you don’t, don’t fret :p
Bah woman youknowIloveyou.

I am the not-so-avid blogger that holds this site as my fort for my daily (or monthly or suddenly) musings, inspirations, updates, younameit. It used to be another site, and then we used to hack each others’ blogs a lot (don’t believe me? go check the pineapple/guestblogged label out. Oh, and this just shows you’re a little new to this side of your awesome blogger :)), then some drama happened, I went to Spain (not because of the drama), drama ended, I came back (not because of the drama), and here I am again!

So after so many testdrives/trials, this friendship still remains.
Or should I say, soulmateship? Sounds a little corny but that’s just what it is, oui woman?
And I’m welcoming my own return with a nice, long hackingguestblogging this post, I mean .. I should say it properly since I’m the “proper” person (inside joke) of the two of us.
Not much updates/whatnot since we met just last week. Quoting your blogger, I hope it won’t be long till our next time. I don’t have our recent photos, and I’m just butt lazy to go and steal from facebook (she’d understand knowing me too well), but I’m glad those moments were back.
3 years ago, she’d go all excited and jump and gimme that innocent smile BECAUSE she wants something. 3 years later, still the same thing happened at JUSCO TOILET of all places :p
3 years ago, she’d be all excited looking at nail polish colours and not know which to pick. 3 years later, … need I say more?
3 years ago, she’d say something so ridiculous, I’ll stare at her and she gets it. 3 years later, …
I think we established the whole familiarity thingamajig.
Anyway woman, this November, we’d be 3 years :)
From what was to what is, and what is to come.
Here’s to us, and I’m SO proud of you, how your strength developed through those years, how you become who you are right now, and how you deal with your stuff. And like how you constantly remind me, there’s no need to hold the fort yourself for too long. You have ME. :) and every other person who loves you around you.
Much love (I was so tempted to end it with XOXO :p),
la alma gemela. ;)

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