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tattoo #8

Yes, I got inked. This time at Black Cat Tattoo, Sunway Pyramid.

Never judge people for what they are at present.

this too shall pass

She had managed to not let it affect her too much by keeping herself distracted but as she sat in the car knowing she was on the way home again, she began to panic. So much had changed since her last visit. She had spent the past month readjusting to new people being in her life and getting used to the idea of saying goodbye to others. It hadn’t been easy. She was fond of having a routine. But after a while of struggling, she was beginning to get accustomed to the way things were. She wondered what her days would be like the coming few weeks without the same people being around. She worried that she hadn’t been around long enough to make her mark, and that she would be forgotten and erased. Friends drift apart, and that’s something she was unfortunately aware of. But the moment she entered her room, she knew she was home and all her anxiety disappeared. She was calm. Happy. She knew that no matter what else happened in her life, she had a place to call home, and people who loved her. The rest of the world could come and go. And it probably would. But home was always going to be there.