I believe we’re gonna do the whole Pineapple-Mango bloghack again after a year or so of not doing that. Yes, what used to be the norm became the foreign, and what do you know.. it became the norm, again.
Woman wrote in my blog about my being an integral part of her life and her growth and how much she doesn’t want to disappoint me above others :) This blogger of yours is now a different person as compared to when she was who she was in 2008.
When I first got to know her around late 2008 – the month that was November (and we decided to put the 5th as the date of our anniversary! see, who puts a date to remember their friendship? WE DO! :D); I NEVER thought that we’d have an almost-immediate connection. It was initially a DNA thing – we dubbed those names from Charlie’s Angels and I decided to avoid plagiarism by naming us DNA (childishness but hey you can’t NOT admit it’s cute! :p). And then the N in the DNA gave us quirky (and I mean, QUIRKY) last names to evade the plagiarism too; namely Bitchirina, Assyslia (which changed to Assylia to make it sound more classy AHEM :p), and then there’s…
Those who know me will know that I’d give them my trademark look upon hearing that name. Woman would probably go all HAHAHAHAHAHA by now, because there’re just too many stories to tell about this – like the classic high from shisha hence the knocking on a flower pot, the inport chaibo story..
Eh. :p
So the connection was made and eventually the N in the DNA decided to step out – reasons of which we don’t need to reiterate; so the DNA became D&A. And it remained that way eversince till that woman decided to add another name to us; Pineapple&Mango. I have NO idea why but I think it’s her orientation with colours, ‘cos she hates eating fruits AND vege. She’s gonna come in defense with naming her favourite fruits (definitely some pineapples and mangos included) but .. yeah, she generally hates anything healthy.
D&A in 2008 was, though strong; unstable.
Woman was unstable – stubborn, a little judgemental (with her ways of stating RELIGIOUS/VIRGIN right there at my blog, oh yeah that’s her 2008 wording :p), and she loved the high-and-mighty lifestyle. Sleep, eat, party, do whatever when you want, how you want it.
She’s also pretty unreasonable. We can just argue at any moment (not seriously) and then she’d go “YAH! I’M RANDOM WHAT! NO MEH?”…
..which leaves me silent, really. ‘Cos there’s just NO answer to it.
then in ’09, D&A went through a major guy drama. Or should I say, guys? And there was a particular drama that happened which made us go our separate ways. For a year or so – the strong-willed me cried a Charissa-cry (a la cry me a river), thinking that it was really goodbye for us then, because it hurt, just so much.
I just didn’t know how to go about the whole fallout, because it was just something so foreign to the both of us – it’s so weird because we never thought about it. And when it happened, neither of us knew how to handle it. I decided to keep quiet, while she spills it all over here, and I was the bad person.
And God reunited us once again in late ’10; giving this friendship a 2nd chance.
Talking to her again now, in 2011; woman is now a grown-up.
I see how she sees things, how she perceives people, takes in information, handles her issues..
..yeah, she’s more grown up now. :)
and proud of her doesn’t even describe one bit of how I feel about her this moment.
much love,
A :)

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