Off, Off and AWAY!

Headed to KL on Saturday. Then decided to join Won and go out the night before my flight. Night flight, so I knew I’d be up on time, no matter what.

TimeOut @ Scott Garden.

Then we went to look for a club in Bangsar. Biggest mistake ever, thinking we could go to Absolute Chem or something. Took us 5 seconds to realize that we had to look for some other place. Headed to Mist, then to Changkat. Ended up in Never Mine. I don’t know if it’s new or not, but I swear I’ve never seen that place there before.

Slept like a baby. But I still got up in time to go say some goodbyes.

Or well, see-you-when-i’m-backs’.

Got lost for a while in and around MidValley. I’ve never actually driven there and parked there on my own before. Although I didn’t realise it til I was actually driving around MV wondering which parking zone was closer to where I needed to get to. Didn’t matter anyways. Ended up on the opposite end of the mall and spent probably about half an hour walking around.

Headed to the airport early. Picking up on the whole better-safe-than-sorry thing. Wanted to have one last good Malaysian meal before heading off, but the airport doesn’t really have that. For some reason, they think that people want their first and last meals in the country to be McDonalds/Starbucks/MaryBrown/Old Town.

Gave my last see-you-when-i’m-back hug and headed straight for the boarding gate. Eventhough I know I’m gonna be missing the people in Malaysia quite a bit, I know I’m gonna have a wonderful two months here.

5 in the morning. 3°C.

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