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Diagon Ally

Black -Blonde – Purple
That’s how often I mess with my hair. It’s a miracle it hasn’t all fallen out yet.
Took a train to Perth Underground. I’d say that’s the heart of the city, but I wouldn’t know for sure coz I’m a foreigner. Hehe.
Turns out, it’s just another ordinary city. What a surprise. Lol. High rise buildings, busy people rushing places. To be honest, not really my cup of tea. I barely head to KL city when i’m back home. Certainly don’t want to be spending my time here feeling like I’m at home.
There was London Court though.
Quite a pretty sight. Kinda like those secret alleys in Harry Potter. Which reminds me, the Deathly Hallows part 2 should be out any time soon, right? Finally, after 10 years of waiting. Hard to believe, but I was 12 when the first one came out. I practically grew up with Harry & the gang. I know the last book’s pretty messed up and the movie isn’t going to be as epic as many would have wanted it to be, but I’m still a fan. And I can’t wait to see it. Maybe I’ll have a marathon right before I watch it.