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No, that’s not a Sims neighbourhood. That’s home til the end of August. Hard to believe how beautiful it is here sometimes. Barely any high-rise buildings, fresh air, clear blue skies. The only downside is that I’m here in winter and it’s a little too cold for comfort.
Went to watch my first footy match earlier today.
Footy being the Australian version of football. I think. Seems to be a full on contact sport. Rough tackling. Many players. And…..that’s as far as my knowledge goes when it comes to sports.

I normally hate the sun. So much so that I’m almost never out in the daytime back home. Too hot and humid! It’s confusing over here though. Shivering as the breeze hits me and feeling my skin burning at the same time.
Sitting in the shade would have been too cold. So the only solution was to use a whole lot of sunblock lotion and bask in the sun.
Me, confused.