My Personality

Yellow/Red – The Doing Socializer

I like to choose when I want to be with other people, and I must have people around me, most of the time. I like to achieve results by getting other people involved at each milestone achieved. I like to coach and mentor. People tend to follow me and I like to help and influence people.

I like to get projects started and will get bored quickly if left to work out the details. I will however, stay with something all the way through, if I think it benefits peoples’ well being. I like to see people happy.

I am more interested in people than specific goals and objectives. I would rather focus on human performance than hardware.

My tendencies include:

  • I am tenacious and will stand up for myself and others
  • I seek to get things done, always including other people
  • I tend to downplay my mistakes and weaknesses while focusing on my strengths and achievements
  • I will cut corners to reach my goals more efficiently and quickly
  • I will work hard to prove a theory or idea

My Potential Limiters:

With tasks: I am often impatient when dealing with complex situations and long term projects. When under pressure, there is a tendency to force fit solutions. I need to be aware of details and always look for methods of showing other color combinations a view that they can relate to and understand.

With people: I have a fast lifestyle and am driven to achieve. I need to relax and take time out to reflect. This will help to fulfill me as well as re-energize my batteries and improve the quality of my life and the life of those around me.

  • I need to take the time to ask others about their expectations, concerns and efforts
  • I should sort tasks into critical and less critical categories
  • I need to be a better listener and give people time to say what is on their mind without interrupting
To find out what you are, click HERE. Scroll all the way down and click on English.
The test consists of 35 questions. It’s not like those lame facebook quizzes you’ve probably taken. In fact, it’s actually pretty accurate. Only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and i’m sure you have the time! Once you’re done with it, send me a message on facebook so I know what your E-Colours are. It’d help me understand you more, and maybe make our friendship a little better.

2 thoughts on “My Personality

  1. Vivek says:

    Nice post Buddy.

    To all the complexity , there is only one simple solution to be simple and straightforward , don't think too much and act smartly.

    And always tried to divide the big project into sub goals to achieve over a period of time.

    rest will +ve and come surely.

    take care

  2. m. says:

    there was a point in time where i was absolutely fascinated by things like this. now… not so much nemore. but since i'm bored at work… WHY NOT (:

    thanks for this!

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