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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Just got back from watching
Quite an amazing movie. Touching to the point of me tearing up in public. Animals or fictional characters have always had more of an affect on me than actual humans. Simba, Stitch, Wall-E and now Ceaser (the ape). 
But I’ve never felt so bad by the end of a movie before. The caging of and experimenting on animals. What the fuck is wrong with the human race? We test things on animals to prevent harm to ourselves. So, no one cares if it’s harmful to the animals that are being tested? Does their pain mean less than ours? And why the hell are we caging them up? Is it not enough that we’ve already taken away their homes to build ours? We were given the gift of intelligence, then we use it to hurt other beings? 
Honestly, if it were possible for animals to take over someday, I’d be on their side. 
The only thing wrong with the planet we live on is us.