Big is beautiful?

Why is it alright to tell a skinny person to eat more, but not a fat person to eat less?
I’ve always been of normal/average weight. 53kg at the moment. 46kg at my lightest, 65kg at my heaviest. People never seemed to have a problem telling me to eat more when I was thin. It was always, “You’re too skinny, eat more!“, “You’re tiny, eat more!“, “Have you been eating anything lately? Here, have some of my food“. You get the picture. It’s like, being thin was such a problem, people were so afraid of me being bulimic and hurting myself.
But at my heaviest, no one had anything to say. Well, not to my face at least. I’d ask the boyfriend and he would say that he didn’t notice a difference. Or that I was as beautiful as before. And friends didn’t get upset with me for going on the munchies and devouring breakfast, lunch and dinner at a seating, and then some. No one ever pulled me aside and went “God you’ve turned into such a fat pig!”. I had to look myself in the mirror and do that. And then decide to make a change on my own.
So why did people literally shove food into my mouth when I wasn’t eating, and not grab food away from me when I was eating too much? 

Being fat has become such a sensitive issue. People find ways to tiptoe around it because fat people by right, already know they’re fat. And you don’t want to bring down their self esteem by saying it to their face. 
It shouldn’t be about that though. Being fat isn’t bad because it makes you less attractive. Being fat is bad because it’s unhealthy. The same reason being skinny is bad. Eat too little or too much and you’re exposing yourself to all kinds of future, if not current, health problems. Isn’t that cause enough to make a change?
People need to stop thinking that the biggest issue with weight is how it affects appearance. Then maybe there would be less overweight people because people in general wouldn’t be so afraid of stating facts to their face. 
I’ve heard a lot of people say that they’re proud of being big and beautiful. Like it’s something that you teach yourself to be proud of. You do that with height, or race issues. Teach yourself to accept it, and love it, because those are things you can’t change. Being unhealthy is not the same thing.

I have unhealthy friends. I love some of my unhealthy friends to death. I constantly tell the thin ones to stop dieting because they don’t need to lose any weight. But I don’t call the fat ones fat because it would bruise their egos. I have tried, subtly, but it’s not like I could even go up to them and say “Hey, I think you’re unhealthy and maybe we should work on improving that” without them thinking I’ve just called them fat.

I think everyone should just get off their lazy asses and at least exercise at least a little. Go ahead and stick to small meals if that’s all you need to survive. Or keep eating, if food is what you love. Try to eat less if you find yourself eating more than what your friends are, combined. But claiming to love the way you look is definitely no excuse for not being healthy. You can be healthy and love yourself more. 
I know some people say they try, but they never lose any weight, then they stop. Well I say, don’t give up. So what if you think you haven’t lost any weight in the end. I bet you, you wouldn’t be as out of breath after a couple of months at the gym as you were before signing up (Or just plain simple jogging if you don’t have time/money for the gym). And that’s really the results you should be looking for. Not all chubby people are unhealthy. But all unhealthy people are lazy. Too damned lazy to make that change that they so badly need to be making.

It’s time to stop waiting for tomorrows. Go do something today!

p/s : This post was not meant to offend any of my thin or fat friends. Just the lazy, unhealthy ones.

4 thoughts on “Big is beautiful?

  1. Anonymous says:

    good one charissa :) me like this post :D

  2. Shuwen says:

    LIKE :) but its still amazing to me how you lost 12 kgs :D

  3. cutebun says:

    Me shall go diet from now on..

  4. Charissa says:

    Shuwen – Exercise. And proper meals. Not too hard when there's a lot of fat to lose. Hehe.

    Cutebun – Remember to exercise too :p

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