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Leaving on an airbus

All packed. Less than 2 hours til I leave the house to head to the airport. That’s 3 in the friggin morning. I’m generally up through the night so the plan was to just stay up til we leave. Get some sleep in the car. Then in the plane I guess. But I fell asleep at 9p.m. after I finished packing so I’m all fresh now. 12 plus hours of travelling before I’m back in my room. Yes, the Perth – KL flight is only 5 hours, give or take. But my connecting flight from KL – Penang is at 4. Which means an extra 3 hours in transit. 
So I guess my last post from Perth should be about what I’ve learnt in the 2 months I’ve been here. Or what has changed. But I don’t think I’ve taken the time to really sit down and think about the entire trip. I’m slow when it comes to digesting those sort of things. Normally takes some time before it even hits me that I’m in a different place. It’s my coping mechanism, since I move around so much. I guess you can expect a long post about it a week from today.

For now, I’m just glad that I’ll be getting off the plane and stepping into warm weather. Being here in winter has confirmed what I’ve always suspected. The cold and I do not get along! I’m tired of applying lotion to dry skin. And having to put on layers of clothes to go out. And freezing my ass off because I forgot to put layers of clothes on before going out. I want to go back to only worrying about which deodorant to use before heading out because it’s warm and I might sweat. Haha. Yeah.

Malaysia, here I come!