It’s been a few days since I’ve been back. Haven’t updated because I’m still in the processing phase. Life’s back to the usual. The house, the roads, the people, the places. I’m so used to it that it feels like I was never in Perth to begin with. 
Figured I’d fall asleep and wake up expecting to feel cold. Or to see the TV that I had gotten used to having in the room I slept in there. But, no. I always know I’m waking up in my room. The maroon walls and comforter don’t feel strange. The fan blowing at my feet doesn’t either.
I miss my stepsisters though. 
I miss waking up to have breakfast with them before they left for school. I miss picking them up from school and heading back to do homework with them. I miss going to the aquatic center and goofing around in the pool. I miss reading to the little one at night then tucking her into bed. I miss the random hugs and kisses I would get. And hearing their voices going “Chrissie” or “I love you”.
I’m perfectly fine with being in Malaysia. It’s where I’ve been all my life, and I’m used to it. But having family for two months was the best gift I could have ever asked for. It’s the only thing that’s been missing in my life. And now, it’s gone. Not completely, but it’s going to be a while til I go visit again. And even longer before I have my own family.

Kinda sucks. But knowing they’re there is better than not feeling like I have family at all. Gotta keep looking at the cup as being half full, right? 

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