So I actually felt my whole room shake just a while ago. Took me a couple of seconds to realise my laptop was moving a little. Tried to focus on the screen, but it felt weird. Then I figured it was my mind or body playing tricks on me coz it’s been a long day. It wasn’t til I looked at my wall and saw the lanyards on it swaying a little that it hit me, this must be an earthquake nearby. 
I don’t mean get-in-the-car-and-go-for-a-drive nearby. I mean on-the-same-continent nearby. 
Orange earthquake alert in Northern Sumatera, Indonesia. 6.5 on the richter scale. I think that’s it. Nothing much out about it yet, but I’m praying for the many people who’s lives are gonna be affected by this. 

Malaysia’s really well protected, we’ve only felt a couple of extremely minor tremors over the past few years. All of which I woke up the next morning to discover I slept through. So yeah, this is different for me. I can not begin to imagine what the people there are going through :(

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