No E, pure PVD!

Paul Van Dyk yo! with Sugarmouse.

2 thoughts on “No E, pure PVD!

  1. sugarmouse says:

    hey babe… i may never regain access to my blogger blog :(( so just wanted to tell you that i'd be writing in a different space starting now. sigh. so sad pls. i feel like reporting my own blog to have it shut down because it unnerves me that someone out there who isn't me has access to it but somehow i just can't bring myself to do it.

    how'd the camping trip go? totally regret not going.

  2. Charissa says:

    yeah. i'm re-linking you in a bit. kinda sad to shut down ur old blog no? u'll never get those posts back. at least this way you can still go through them if you want to.

    camping was pretty interesting. place was beautiful. weren't properly prepared though, so there were a couple of “accidents” along the way. but it was fun :D

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