Hello readers! That’s if I have any left.
Been completely slacking in the writing department and I have no one to blame but myself. I’m in KL now, and not spending as much time alone as I’m used to. I write when I’m bored, and being around people so much doesn’t leave me much time to feel that. Probably a positive thing, but for some reason, I’ve lost all inspiration to write. I guess I’m the kinda person who needs complete privacy before I can zone out and really let my mind wander off. And I think that’s long overdue.

Feels like I’ve made a 180° flip since getting back from Perth. All I did there was spend time with the family and go to the gym. Now that I’m back, I find myself less dedicated to working out, I haven’t seen a family member in over a month and I’ve gone back to partying *almost* like a rock star. I’m just not sure which is the more fulfilling path. 

Living life in the moment again feels pretty good but sometimes I question if it’s the smartest thing to do. It’s a case of “been there, done that” and I can’t say it got me anywhere worth shouting about. There’s this thing I do though, where I make a mistake, then don’t learn from the lesson, and find myself in the same situation I was in before. You’d think I’d know how to make the right choices by now.

But, NO! I’m a stubborn little child who refuses to think of consequences before making decisions. 

Anyhoo, I highly doubt I’ll be writing anytime soon. So for the time being, this site shall function mostly as a picture blog. 

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