Make a wish

Spent 11:11, 11.11.11 with the boys and sgrmse.
The past few months have been pretty darn amazing. I finally feel like i’m in the right place at the right time. If it was in my control, I wouldn’t want anything to change for a really long time. But life’s been a roller coaster ride for as long as I can remember. Wishing that nothing bad would ever happen again seemed ridiculous at that moment. Not to mention unrealistic. 
So I wished for strength instead. Strength to deal with whatever life throws at me in the future. Strength to pick myself back up. Strength to keep trying. 
Feelings change. Memories don’t. Friday night was perfection 

2 thoughts on “Make a wish

  1. FiSh says:

    it's nice to have friends around you on the special day right? :) i love my friends too


  2. sugarmouse says:

    :') good wishing! and yes, it was perfection. cool breeze, sitting on the ledge and sneaking in the park… so much love! thanks for coming along. y'all are awesome ♥

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