-definitely not her.

If you don’t know who I am, I won’t bother to even write the whole introduction thing again, so please click here to find out, if you must.

One thing though, I’m the Pineapple to the Mango, the A to the D, and the Daphne to the Charissa.

I’m here to hijack her blog because she did it earlier today on mine, so I’m just returning a favour – no updates whatsoever till our (hopefully) Penang date, because I’m super looking forward to it and I’d be HECK bummed if (God forbid) my parents don’t allow my travelling. After all, I’ll be having 2-3 weeks’ break..so here’s to crossing my fingers till they (hopefully don’t) break.

Woman, here’s my first post (and counting) for 2012!

paint my page

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