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He liked it so he put a ring on it ;)

NOW it’s really been the best week of my life.

Big 2

Truly, one of the best weeks of my life.

And it reminded me that we really do have the rest of our lives ahead of us and things are just beginning to get good. It’s always nice to have a renewed zest for life!

Back to the Future!

 Future Music Festival Asia 2012!

My favourite people

Well, two of, at least. 
 Met up yesterday for Sofy’s birthday. 

The birthday girl!
Actually, got her from Cyberjaya and thanks the iPhone map and my navigating skills, we got stuck in a 2 (rush)hour traffic jam before getting to Publika. On any other day, the boyfriend would have been super pissed at having to drive, or inch forward slowly, for so long. But for some reason (don’t want/need to question it), he was in an exceptionally good mood all day long!

 10 years and counting facebook heart love

The best/easiest friendships I’ve had so far. We don’t see each other often enough (something we’re working on), but they’re still just about the nicest, most loving people I’ve ever known. And that’s saying a LOT considering how little I like people in general. Hehe. 

Big ass photo of me for no reason at all Big grin happy face for facebook chat


This post is dedicated to the incredible ms. sgrmse
Because she is leaving real soon and has chosen to stay put for the last few days of her time here in this country, I probably won’t see her until she’s seen enough of the world and decides to make a visit back home. And that’s only if she decides to spend a little bit of that time with me.
I know I haven’t known you that long, minus the minor blog stalking over the past year or so, but it feels like I have. When I think of the girl friends that I have in my life right now, which isn’t a very long list (if it even counts as a list at all), you actually come to mind. Before some of the people I’ve even known for over a decade. I don’t know what it is that has drawn me to this friendship, but they say that you should always trust your instincts, and mine tell me that this isn’t something I should be wary about. Like, maybe if we had met each other earlier on, we would have grown to be really good friends over time.
I wish I was better at meeting up and keeping in touch. And that I didn’t fall miserably sick the past week. But it’s a blessing to have met you and be able to share the little experiences that we had. I really do hope that distance doesn’t keep us apart completely. Thanks to technology and whatnot, it shouldn’t be too hard. 
I also want you to know that you are an amazing person. Unique to yourself. And no one should ever make you feel any less than that. You deserve everything you’ve worked so hard for and I know you have so much to look forward to now, finally. Putting aside my selfish desires to hang out with you more in the future, I am truly happy that you’re leaving and starting a new phase of your life. I love you. And I wish you all the best!
p/s : I wouldn’t mind collectible fridge magnets/key chains from the many countries you visit. Although just a text/whatsapp message every now and then would do just fine too. Hehe.