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This post is dedicated to the incredible ms. sgrmse
Because she is leaving real soon and has chosen to stay put for the last few days of her time here in this country, I probably won’t see her until she’s seen enough of the world and decides to make a visit back home. And that’s only if she decides to spend a little bit of that time with me.
I know I haven’t known you that long, minus the minor blog stalking over the past year or so, but it feels like I have. When I think of the girl friends that I have in my life right now, which isn’t a very long list (if it even counts as a list at all), you actually come to mind. Before some of the people I’ve even known for over a decade. I don’t know what it is that has drawn me to this friendship, but they say that you should always trust your instincts, and mine tell me that this isn’t something I should be wary about. Like, maybe if we had met each other earlier on, we would have grown to be really good friends over time.
I wish I was better at meeting up and keeping in touch. And that I didn’t fall miserably sick the past week. But it’s a blessing to have met you and be able to share the little experiences that we had. I really do hope that distance doesn’t keep us apart completely. Thanks to technology and whatnot, it shouldn’t be too hard. 
I also want you to know that you are an amazing person. Unique to yourself. And no one should ever make you feel any less than that. You deserve everything you’ve worked so hard for and I know you have so much to look forward to now, finally. Putting aside my selfish desires to hang out with you more in the future, I am truly happy that you’re leaving and starting a new phase of your life. I love you. And I wish you all the best!
p/s : I wouldn’t mind collectible fridge magnets/key chains from the many countries you visit. Although just a text/whatsapp message every now and then would do just fine too. Hehe. 

Before Britney went Bald

I remember playing with Tamagotchis and slap bracelets,

rubber band jump ropes and batu seremban (the clear rocks that you could buy in a set).

Collecting furbies (one every McDonalds kids meal which I rarely had and saved up like mad for) and trolls.
Reading books like these,

watching cartoons like the Rugrats and Pinky and the Brain,

and a TON of Nickelodeon shows.
Victoria before the Beckham and Beyonce pre solo career.
It was cool for boy bands to look like this.
I listened to music on my discman (which I painfully saved up for as well)

and read lyrics off the insides of cd covers to sing along.

S Club 7 had their Miami series,
which I waited for, taped and labelled religiously on old school video tapes/cassettes. 

I hardly find myself reminiscing at my adolescent/preteen years. I think it’s mostly cause I assume I wouldn’t have many memories left from so far back, but getting on youtube and looking for old songs made me realize that I actually do remember a lot of silly little things about the 90s and early 2000s. And they’re such good memories. 
Next task, locate and download a shitload of music from the 90s.