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My favourite people

Well, two of, at least. 
 Met up yesterday for Sofy’s birthday. 

The birthday girl!
Actually, got her from Cyberjaya and thanks the iPhone map and my navigating skills, we got stuck in a 2 (rush)hour traffic jam before getting to Publika. On any other day, the boyfriend would have been super pissed at having to drive, or inch forward slowly, for so long. But for some reason (don’t want/need to question it), he was in an exceptionally good mood all day long!

 10 years and counting facebook heart love

The best/easiest friendships I’ve had so far. We don’t see each other often enough (something we’re working on), but they’re still just about the nicest, most loving people I’ve ever known. And that’s saying a LOT considering how little I like people in general. Hehe. 

Big ass photo of me for no reason at all Big grin happy face for facebook chat