Monthly Archives: March 2012

Before Britney went Bald

I remember playing with Tamagotchis and slap bracelets,

rubber band jump ropes and batu seremban (the clear rocks that you could buy in a set).

Collecting furbies (one every McDonalds kids meal which I rarely had and saved up like mad for) and trolls.
Reading books like these,

watching cartoons like the Rugrats and Pinky and the Brain,

and a TON of Nickelodeon shows.
Victoria before the Beckham and Beyonce pre solo career.
It was cool for boy bands to look like this.
I listened to music on my discman (which I painfully saved up for as well)

and read lyrics off the insides of cd covers to sing along.

S Club 7 had their Miami series,
which I waited for, taped and labelled religiously on old school video tapes/cassettes. 

I hardly find myself reminiscing at my adolescent/preteen years. I think it’s mostly cause I assume I wouldn’t have many memories left from so far back, but getting on youtube and looking for old songs made me realize that I actually do remember a lot of silly little things about the 90s and early 2000s. And they’re such good memories. 
Next task, locate and download a shitload of music from the 90s.