Before I leave

…here’s a post on the little things I will always remember.
Cooking and baking cupcakes with the girls.
Going boating the first time in my life and jumping into almost freezing cold water. 
 The many rides we went on, over and over again at Adventure World.
Shopping in the city with the family. 
Sucking at monopoly. Then kicking ass at monopoly. Then sucking again.
 Losing my engagement ring at the beach. LOL.
Taking the girls to Scitech and spending quality time with them.
And my favourite memory of all. Celebrating mummy’s birthday.
I’m bummed that tomorrow I say see you again to the awesome family I have here. But that’s what it is; not a goodbye, because we’ll be seeing each other so many more times through our lives. 
Looking at the glass as half full, it’s been such a treat, having my mum quite literally within arm’s reach for a whole month. And now I get to go back to the loving arms of my amazing fiance. 
Guess I still don’t have any complaints about life at the moment. 

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