Daily Archives: 050413


last night i had a dream. a dream that felt like more than just a dream. a recollection of a past or parallel life.

in this other life, i was a peacekeeper on a planet far away dedicating my life to communicating with people, beings from other planets. studying their ways, understanding what it took to maintain relations between different worlds. some different beyond my wildest imagination, some so alike.

it was that path that led me to meeting my other half. he was on his mission, visiting my planet when we first met and fell in love. communication was different. we used no words, instead we just understood each other. sitting quietly, we talked about different worlds, and what we had individually discovered. we shared views, feelings, experiences. we knew we had found each other for a reason, and could no longer be apart. when he left, we decided that i would follow him.

together we traveled far. we explored the universe. what i saw, i have no doubt was real. images that appeared to be fiction, but nothing i’ve seen in movies, read about in books or could just think up.

some stops were short. we would gain the knowledge we needed by observing inhabitants of that planet and then leave. some were longer. we would have a life there, fit in, take notes and prepare to share what we had learnt with others.

during one of those longer missions, i felt what it was like to lift up into the air and fly. not my physical self, but my mind, my consciousness. soaring through the air, floating past wide spaces, descending back onto the ground. magical.

and then we received news. we were being called back to fight for our home planet. others that had been living there with us had to leave too. peacekeeping had to be put on hold, we were soon to be under attack and everyone had a part to play, a responsibility in protecting our land. we prepared ourselves and thanked the land for so graciously providing for us throughout our time spent there. and then we left.

that’s when i woke up.

so far-fetched how i honestly believe that it was so much more than a dream. and I can imagine how crazy I must seem for stating it that way. but I recognized my soul in that dream. and the soul of my partner. not our faces or voices, nothing to say it was us, and yet I felt it. beyond a doubt.

that seems even crazier, doesn’t it? but who’s to say what’s true or not. i believe that something’s true when i believe in it. i haven’t always seen things this way. for the most part, i always thought i was a non-believer. i never believed in ghosts, the way people make it out to be. nor did/do i believe in stereo typical aliens either.

but i guess i have always believed in the possibility of anything and welcomed experiences that would show me that there’s more to life than just what we experience here. i will always go on instinct. that feeling that’s so real, there’s no longer any doubt about it.

right here, right now; this is what i’m choosing to believe in.