my kitty inspired doodles.


it’s the first time in years that i’ve had pets (not counting fishes). but i just couldn’t say no when my friend had kittens to get rid of. there’s something about watching these tiny lil things play around and grow up that’s so healing. maybe it’s knowing i’m responsible in some ways of a life or lives that aren’t my own.

i have to say though, i doubt i’d feel the same way about having dogs. kittens don’t need as much attention, especially when there’s 3 of them. i love how they kinda do their own thing, but know where their home is at the same time. they’ve been exploring on their own, but they still sleep in our room at this point. i’ve always had a weak spot for tiny little things. anything small, really. and i think my kittens are absolutely adorable! it almost makes them jumping all over me while i’m asleep and waking me up alright.

i hope they grow up fast, start running around outside and stop needing to poop in their litter box soon so i don’t have to scoop poop twice a day anymore. but at the same time, i hope they stay tiny forever too! i guess that’s how parents feel about kids huh? :D


?????????? 3


how could anyone not love that?

One thought on “meow

  1. sgrmse. says:

    He still has pink tufts in his fur from the other day!! LOL :D

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