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to cut or not to cut?

many people have asked me about my nails. partially because i paint all sorts of nonsense on them. but mostly from what i’ve gathered, because of how long or fake they appear to be. for some reason, people assume that the condition of my nails is a result of me doing barely any work around the house or in general.

this is what my nails looked like 3 weeks ago.


nails that i use to cook, wash dishes, do the laundry, paint walls and feed kittens who bite down on them happily sometimes. 100% real.

here’s a photo from today.


so yes, it does appear to be that they don’t damage much. but maintaining nails like mine is a 3 part trick.

1. i play smart. i paint colours onto a clear base and i don’t colour on the edges because nail polish chips off and the chipped parts would look too obvious otherwise.

2. i use nail polish remover and gently remove the top coat smoothly and reapply a clear coat from time to time to keep them shiny.

3. i naturally have very solid nails, which hardly break even on the rare occasion that i’m careless and they bend.

i’ve learnt to work around my inconvenient self-inflicted “disability” pretty well. i can’t text or type like a normal person would. nor can i flip a typical switch or hold things the way i would with trimmed nails. but apart from making me look awkward, having long manicured nails doesn’t actually keep me from getting anything done.

pretty things can be functional. and house chores; like every other independent – not loaded with cash human being experiences; come before pretty nails.

as for why i keep them this way instead of cutting it? well, i like art. and long nails. i don’t have slim, sleek fingers, and my nails if cut, make my fingers look short and stumpy. not that all women should have feminine looking hands. just my own personal choice :D

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