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heading back home to penang in a bit to sort through, pack and throw away 2 decades worth of random┬ámemorabilia that’s sitting in my old family house. over the years, my mum has moved out, followed by my dad. and now my grandparents. rent is being doubled and it’s ridiculous that after 20 years of being there, my grandparents are expected to suddenly start paying so much more.

really upsets me how materialistic people are and how little anyone gives a damn about how their actions affect others’ lives, all for the sake of profit and money. but that’s just the kind of world we live in today, ain’t it?


being a partial hoarder, knowing i have to throw away a lot of stuff i’ve stored up has affected me emotionally. being away from home for so long, it’s always been somewhat of a comfort to have that house sitting there. a place containing all the memories of my childhood and teenage years. a place that to me symbolized a happy home, a happy family. a place to revisit whenever i felt alone.

i guess i take some things for granted. but things change. things always change. as of next month, i will no longer be able to walk in those front doors the way i have been doing all my life. it feels like a part of me that i have to say goodbye to. but goodbyes can be beautiful if i choose to see it in that way.

my precious home. it will forever have a place in my heart. and as for memories, i will always remember it the way it was at it’s best; alive and full of love.