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art as art

3so i’ve been really busy the past week preparing for what will be *drumroll* my very first booth experience!

i’ve had other offers, but i never truly felt ready as most of the stuff I make are random. but recently my boyfriend and i realised that i’ve collected quite a bit of random stuff, and would stand to lose nothing if i just gave it a go.

and just like magic, i found out the next day about playthora. an event to promote the psychedelic culture/scene in malaysia. if that isn’t fated, i don’t know what is!

it’s a little nerve wrecking. the way you’d feel doing anything for the first time. but i’m definitely looking forward to opening RAINBOWed up to more opportunities.

2 4  art inspires me…to make more art…which inspires me to make even more art!


after this, i hope to be setting up more booths and sharing my love for art with the whole world! (: