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I believe people should stop playing the race game. Politicians and the government use fear to garner votes; playing people against each other. They make you feel like if you don’t vote for a certain political party, your rights as person of a certain race will be taken away. They cheat. They lie. Anything and everything to hold on to the power they have so greedily kept to themselves for the good/benefit of no one else.

It doesn’t matter if you’re malay, chinese, indian or “lain-lain” ;) Together, we are the people. It is not about us fighting for the rights of any specific race. It’s about us standing up together to regain the power that is so rightfully ours. We are capable of bringing the change we want to see to our country/world. Not some stupid government.

So let us knock BN off their high horse and show them that we can’t be bought the way they can. We are in charge of our own future. It is time for them to fear us. It is time for us to be free.