beauty and the beast

what is beauty? i wonder as i stare at myself in the mirror.

i’m far from the perfect “image” of beauty. flawed in many ways. human. natural. real.

i’ve battled having jutting “bunny” teeth for as long as i can remember. i got removable braces sometime in high school, but gave up on them because it was SO uncomfortable and painful. i revisited the idea of getting braces probably a hundred times before deciding that unless it was a physical problem for me to chew or talk (which it has never been); i wouldn’t waste my time thinking of getting them fixed.

then as i got older and hormones kicked in, pimples and acne became a problem. i tried soaps, creams, oxygenated water, facial washes til i gave up. some of which probably did more damage than help. my face was determined to do it’s own thing as it pleased. i’d have to just wait it out.

as i left the schooling world, i realized a lot of people cared so much about appearances. the people i had surrounded myself with were superficial in many ways and even though i was never forced to, i ended up worrying pointlessly about my weight. dieting when i thought i should. being unhealthy, just so i could fit in, and be “attractive“.

at some point, i even wished i was fairer, because fair in this culture is supposedly prettier. maybe some of you deny this, but we know that for the most part it’s true. growing up, i paid attention to how people treated me. it was always fascinating to see people trying to guess my race. i would watch the pleasantly surprised faces of people who found out i’m indian, and then proceeded to compliment me on being really fair, like that was better than being dark. and no, i did not read into it wrongly.

i used to think beauty was a pretty face. seemingly flawless looking skin and/or features. big round eyes. cute button nose. slim face. fair complexion. rosy cheeks. not seeing myself as that used to eat me up on the inside. it didn’t matter if anyone else thought i was pretty, i was my biggest critic, and that reflection in the mirror was never good enough.

it’s taken a lot of working with myself to get to where i am now, but the time i’ve invested into me has been worth it. today, i no longer touch make up. i haven’t in a really long time. it is not because i feel i have in any way reached that “perfection”, i just simply became alright with just being me.

why do so many people waste time with correcting imperfections? plastic surgery is on a whole other ridiculous level which i don’t feel i even need to talk about. but something as simple or stupid as make up plagues the lives of almost every normal girl out there.

stop rectifying your faces. there is nothing that needs fixing in the first place. all the make up you put on makes you so much less attractive than you ever would be bare faced. some would explain that on a special occasion, make up is acceptable. maybe even necessary. that once in a while everyone should feel “prettier”. like a princess. i say no! anyone who believes/states that is in some way allowing this stupidity to go on; supporting the idea that pretty is something other than your own natural self.

why slave away to make money to buy all these “luxuries” that no one needs in the first place? mac, l’oréal, estee lauder, mary kay, olay, revlon, nivea, garnier, clarins and the list goes on. rubbish.

your face with no make up on, in it’s most natural state; there’s nothing more beautiful than that. aging gracefully is much more attractive then piling on the products and/or getting cosmetic surgery.

i strongly urge all you girls out there who use make up to stop hiding your beauty behind damaging masks. maybe as more of us start loving ourselves for who we are, the easier it will be for others to follow suit. and then maybe someday no one will need to use make up to feel beautiful.

the measure of your insecurity is reflected through the amount of gunk you have on your face.

i may not have always felt this way, but my eyes are open now. i see me for who i am on the inside, not what i am on the surface. guess what? i see you the same way too. and so should you.

i haven’t touched make up in quite a while and today, i’m making a pledge.

I, Charissa Adeline, hereby pledge to stop using cosmetic make up products and fully support the idea of natural beauty.

it doesn’t take much for you to join me in my pledge. comment if you want to, make a pledge on your own page or don’t. it doesn’t matter. all that counts is that you stop choosing to see that reflection in the mirror as imperfect in any way.

you are as beautiful a person as you choose to be on the inside.

start being the best YOU you can be today!

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