dreaming realist

what if i told you my dream is to someday live on a farm? to rear animals and have fresh fruits and vegetables growing in my own backyard. to spend my days cooking meals for my family, taking care of our land and raising my children. to not live with luxuries or money, but instead be modest, humble and self sustainable.

does that change the way you look at me? do you see me as unambitious because i refuse to chase a career? will you see me as poor?

i envision a world where every family has ample land. where people realise that all we need to survive is LOVE, some food on our table and a roof over our heads. where no one needs to suffer to make money and children are raised by wise parents who know how to love and have time to spend with them. where everyone’s bare feet are familiar with walking on earth. not some concrete floor. or carpets. or tiles. there would be fresh air to breathe, real food to eat, active lifestyles to live and an abundance of love.

in this world, there would be so much less suffering. less dependence on technology. less strive and desperation to make money for meaningless purchases. people would just be happy with the basics. enjoying human interaction. watching plants grow and animals play around. animals would run free instead of sit in cages awaiting their death; a much more pleasant experience then what living is to them.

we would spend lifetimes getting to know each other. building bonds, understanding, loving, supporting one another as we journey through life. people would welcome strangers into their lives with open arms and not hidden agendas. we would be hardworking and trustworthy out of choice, not force. and when someone fails to do their part or makes a mistake, we would combat that with love. not punishments, anger or hate.

what if this world i envision is not out of reach? what if many people envision the same thing, but have given up hope or don’t believe that it’s possible? what if all it takes is for everyone to just believe – and then it comes true?

we are the people who make this world/culture we live in. if we want change and we start being that change, who’s to tell us that such a seemingly far fetched idea isn’t just a step away?

yes, it will be hard. but the only people stopping us from truly enjoying life is ourselves. i refuse to be my own enemy. this world i envision, i will start living it. even if the rest of the world doesn’t join me.

my measure of wealth is not what i can buy for myself or what holidays i can afford. it is how understanding i can be. how much love i can give. how much i can appreciate having the few things that matter and ignore not having the rest.

the less i need, the richer i am.

i sure am glad i came to this realization with so much left of my life to live.

2 thoughts on “dreaming realist

  1. sgrmse. says:

    You really are a hippie! Ohemgee. Lol. “less dependence on technology..” Is this why we just don’t LINE anymore? )): A shame. I really loved our lengthy LINE convos. A good thing you still blog though! A hippie that blogs. Quite funny (:

  2. Clay says:

    Ther are many places around the world, and here in the States that live sustainably, like

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