So maybe the problem is that people have forgotten how to love themselves wholly. Because if you love the person you are, you would love everything that has happened to you in life. Not because there has been no pain or suffering but because your journey – each and every one of its ups and downs is what shaped you to be YOU.

And when you finally realise that, you are thankful for all the hardships you have faced. You find yourself accepting things you could not accept about your life before and letting go of all negative emotions related to it. You might even feel gratitude towards the very things that have challenged you most because without it – you wouldn’t be the better, stronger person you are today.

Then growth becomes something to forward to, and challenges become blessings in disguise. You stop dreading the pain or suffering and life itself begins to appear more beautiful until one day, all it will be is beauty.

When you love yourself, living becomes something you truly enjoy.

– me ;)

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