maybe i don’t let you know often enough how much i truly appreciate your presence in my life and what it has done for me.

i always thought i knew what i wanted from love or a relationship. i searched for the qualities i imagined would make me happy. looked out for signs of forever. but most of the time, all i did was misguide myself.

and then, when i finally stopped looking, i found you.
although it felt more like you smacked right into my face and i could do nothing about the feelings that were overwhelming me.
you who never once tried to impress me or pretended to be anything you were not. you who laid your heart on the line and took a huge risk so we could take a huge risk together and give this the chance it deserved.

maybe sometimes i don’t treat you like the caring, daring, extraordinary person you have always been.

life gets challenging and the everyday things become mundane. people get distracted from appreciating the simple things they bring to each other.

you have no idea how much you have changed my life. me.
i wouldn’t be the stronger person i am today if you weren’t there to hold my hand patiently as i allowed myself to fall and grow to understand things better. i have always felt things intensely, and most people simply can’t handle me in those moments. you make me feel sane and wise at times when others would just call me crazy. you give me space to be myself and support who i am and what i see.

you make me feel beautiful for who i am and not what anyone else thinks a woman should be. you accept me as the non-conforming free spirited soul i have fought hard to hold on to and encourage me to fly even higher. you fill me with dreams i never dared to dream of. you give me peace in the present, hope for the future and the will to keep fighting.

you are my everything. my lover. myself. my best friend. my partner in crime. and together, we can take on the world.

maybe sometimes i don’t express the depth of my gratitude and love. in those moments, know that this is what i will always feel for you, and nothing can take that away.

i love you with everything that i am and i love you forever.
to me, we’re as good as married. even though we haven’t picked a date and will never want to do it the traditional way. but what does that count for anyways? even in times when you’re worried i doubt, i’m never actually doubting. it’s me and you til the end.

me and you being one.

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