who hasn’t got shoes?

the question to you is, do you believe all stereotypes are true???
if not, then don’t worry about the opinions of ignorant people.
if so, then you have some soul searching to do on why their opinion is so important to you.

someone recently expressed desire to consider limb lengthening surgery. i remember coming across it a couple of years ago, thinking “good god, that’s ridiculous” and leaving it at that. but since it was brought up, i decided to look up the procedure. so what they do is basically break your bone and pull it apart slow enough so tissue forms healthily and fast enough so it doesn’t heal completely. you grow maybe 3-4 inches if you’re lucky. the procedure takes months, and then it’s months for recovery where you learn to walk all over again.

what started as reconstructive surgery for people injured in the war or those with birth defects is now available as a cosmetic procedure.

it’s shocking, the trauma people go through to rid themselves of flaws that do not exist in the first place. what goes on in our heads that we think a few extra inches of height or bigger boobs or better features make a difference?

i know personally – i was ashamed for so long because i felt my teeth weren’t normal. that when i talked, all people would see is my flaw. so i never smiled for photos. i didn’t smile until 2 years ago. as i grew up, i yearned for change. to do something, anything to fix it. i considered every option. even veneers (where they shave your actual teeth down to almost nothing, and permanently attach veneers on it). a lot of big stars have veneers, and that’s how i found out. in case anyone doesn’t know what veneers are. thinking there was a problem and therefore a solution to said problem – it took over my mind and life! i wanted to work to save up for it, no matter what it would have cost (about 1k per tooth). even though i’d have to change it out every decade, i didn’t care. if i could fix it, i’d be happier. and that’s what i believe everyone feels.

then i found the cure to my problem! i learnt to just fucking accept myself. and then, love followed naturally. my frizzy hair, flawed skin, uneven eyes, chunky nose, buck teeth and every other weird thing about my body, they were no longer flaws. they were and still are, just me.

fact is, we are ALL different. the way we are born, maybe that’s just what we’re meant to be (and experience) this lifetime. however “disadvantaged” we are in whatever way.

the way i see it, every disadvantaged person is actually blessed with the opportunity to inspire. in fact, the more imperfect you are – the more you stand to help the world which actually makes imperfections really beautiful. what good is it being perfect or chasing for a better you? when u fix those flaws in hopes of changing the way people see you, what you’re really screaming at them is that you’re insecure and don’t think you’re good enough. how is that what you want to achieve?

i think the world respects those who respect themselves.

but this society does not focus enough on empowering its people. it does not focus on teaching kids to accept themselves, to love themselves. it does not take the focus away from worshipping a cosmetic idea of beauty. what it does is offer “solutions” to “problems”. that is why i don’t care about celebrities or the world of fashion in all honesty – because they are setting the standards. impossible ones where models starve themselves to death sometimes – and do so knowing that little girls look up to and want to be them.

i used to complain about having no shoes until i saw a man with no feet.

what we are essentially doing is complaining about having no shoes. we know, yet we still do it. pity the people who continue to make excuses for their lives based on “disabilities” they create for themselves. but actually, don’t pity. because at the end of the day, they’re choosing that for themselves. absolutely everyone has it in them to change their own perspectives, and minds.

the way people are doesn’t bother me as much nowadays. i fully accept that things just are, for whatever reason i do not understand yet. i choose to be vocal about my opinions to those who share my sentiments for the most part, but it does affect me greatly when it’s someone i love. always takes a bit of adjusting to.

3 thoughts on “who hasn’t got shoes?

  1. Yoong says:

    “every disadvantaged person is actually blessed with the opportunity to inspire” – so true! The person that comes to my mind immediately is Stephen Hawkins ;) Fact is, we give ourselves reasons to be unhappy, this isn’t good enough, that’s not perfect etc etc. The list varies and is most likely never ending, from our house to our car, then our body.

    Society provides us with ‘problems’ and then offers solutions – best way to make money is to convince someone they need something they don’t. Then it becomes a matter of survival… Really?

    Great post btw! Love it!

  2. sgrmse. says:

    i think that because all humans are born flawed that we are constantly on this chase seeking perfection but perfection is scary. it’s unnatural. people are so much more beautiful raw. scarred. real. you know, i’ve grappled with “flaw-fixing” more than anything. now that i’m at this stage where i’m earning a salary, veneers, a boob-job, a nose job.. all of these things are no longer far from reach but then i think about it again and realise that i’d actually miss that big goofball face i’ve known for over two decades now— i’d really miss that girl. so i’m happier this way. how i was made, how i’ve been moulded. the me i am right now, today.

    everybody needs to share this!


    • i’m glad you’re so much happier and content being just you now. I’ve always thought you look perfect just the way you are anyways! <3

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