Monthly Archives: January 2014

an experience

i’ve been wanting to go for the experience in koh tao for 2 years. so somewhere august-ish we got cheap flight tickets to surat thani with no return so we could spend as long as we wanted to there. then about 2 months ago we i decided to not go because travelling for a party didn’t seem to resonate with me anymore and i wanted to save.

then almost last minute, less than a week before our flight, i realised that i save to spend on things i really want to do. i’ve never really experienced true traveling before (flying to visit my mum is too comfortable and luxuries to be counted) and i figured i might as well just go for it to discover if seeing the world is maybe something on my “bucket list”.

so off we went. home-flight-surat thani-bus-donsak-ferry-taxi-hadrin-boat-haadtien-boat-hadrin-taxi-catamaran-koh tao-taxi-experience-taxi-catamaran-taxi-bantai-bike-ferry-donsak-bus-van-surat thani-train-hatyai-van-bus-taxi-home.

it was an insanely beautiful and relaxing 3 weeks, save for the hours we spent getting around. travelling really does something for the soul. when you travel (and i don’t mean booking a tour or doing it luxuriously) you challenge your own boundaries and grow in so many ways you would have never seen coming.

i guess anything that involves stepping out of one’s comfort zone provides room for growth and self improvement. after 3 weeks of budgeting, traveling smart, meeting new people and being in unfamiliar places – i am glad to be home. but i also know that traveling, that’s definitely something i want to do.

the party itself was just alright. nothing to scream about. i enjoyed dancing – as i always have – but it has been confirmed. my partying days are officially over. i still undoubtedly feel a connection to the psychedelic scene because it has given me a taste of community – on a local and global scale. it’s also been one of the contributing reasons to why i have chosen to change and work towards becoming my true self. but the actual partying – maybe i’ll keep it to an hour or two once in a while and not overdo it.

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