Monthly Archives: August 2014

new chapter

DSCN4115today i create a new category tab.

the tab is motherhood!

i’m new to this, so i don’t really know what counts as the beginning of motherhood. i kinda think it begins the day you decide “alright. this is it. we’re going to have a baby”. so, i’m tagging all of it under that tab.
did you know that doctors calculate how many weeks you are into a pregnancy from the date of your last period and not from conception? i didn’t. so i’m at week 7 now based on that. i know that the risk of miscarriages or something going wrong is considerably much higher in the first trimester, but i’ve decided to really just trust in the universe, and believe in me and our baby. i’m not holding off from documenting my entire journey, no matter what happens, because i don’t want to not have this documented.

it is trippy, how every human being is the product of 2 other human beings. it is trippy that any living creature came from another. but it is trippiest knowing there’s something growing inside of me that’s one part me and one part its father. makes life a whole lot more magical.

so much magic. so much happiness.

here’s to the beginning of a new chapter of my life!