hello little peanut growing inside of me. week8

i hope all’s good in there and that you’re growing beautifully. i want you to know that i’m eating really well for you, cooking all meals at home now so you get the very best we can provide.

i’m eating more meals than i used to. not bigger meals, but more often throughout the day. i don’t have a bump yet, but i’m waking up to pee twice in the night. a little tired, but so far pregnancy’s treating me really well. i think my mother and grandmother had easy pregnancies so i should have a pretty smooth sailing one as well.

i wonder if you’re a boy or girl! as you will come to discover, i’m a little impatient and it feels like i have to wait forever to find out!

be happy. we love you :)

One thought on “raspberry

  1. sgrmse. says:

    bless!!! please keep this up. so so lovely to read.

    you look gorgeous, babe! :’D

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