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it’s getting more exciting as the days go by – having a baby.

last night i dreamt i brought home a tiny little baby girl. caused a little panic (the good kind) because i’m really hoping for a baby boy first, and have been buying more “gender neutral” stuff for the baby which more¬†often than not means blue-ish stuff because i believe it’s alright for a girl to be in blue, but never a boy to be in pink. they really aren’t too creative with baby colours. i would actually love some brighter colours. maybe some purples and greens.

so i had to rush to make sure i had some pretty little girly things to put her in at least once in a while.

how amazing and magical to get to hold this tiny little baby that was mine. even if for now it’s only in a dream. lol. can’t wait for the actual day to come. crazy dreams seem to be something pregnant women experience in abundance. and apparently it gets crazier as the pregnancy progresses. i wonder what else i’ll be waking up to.