this new normal

it’s become incredibly easy, having people live with us. the silence after the first batch of volunteers left was almost deafening. i didn’t think feeling calm with so much going on was possible. but i suppose it works the same way as psy(chedelic)trance music – and that leaves me feeling so at peace but completely alive at the same time.

this is the new normal. waking up to prepare breakfast. enjoying breakfast and the morning with people. thinking of projects to work on. working on projects. communal lunch. working on the land. enjoying the hard work. having good dinner and conversation after. the ocassional picnic or day out around taiping.

i love having people in our home! i’m filled with this incredible joy every time i see that there’s a new email from a volunteer wanting to come over. too excited to meet new people and learn about different cultures and experiences. until we can travel (if we do eventually decide to), this is a great way for us to experience the world – by inviting it into our home.

it really does feel like a beautiful way to live. i can genuinely say that for the first time in a really long time, i am truly enjoying life. not because we are going out to look for fun. it’s just the average ordinary days that’s worth living for now. not a day goes by that we find ourselves bored or have nothing to do. it’s quite fast paced, even though for some reason, we feel like not enough is getting done all the time!

currently working on setting up the land for it to be ready for us to move to in 2-3 months. that means having shower & toilet facilities, building in a kitchen & dining area as well as 2 cabins (one for volunteers, one to be our tiny home). once it’s good to live on, we’ll start planting all sorts of vegetables as well as rear chickens for eggs. plants at home have been growing pretty steadily. also discussing some ideas for produce or products to sell on a small scale.

lots to do and even more to look forward to!

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