Monthly Archives: April 2015

countdown t-7days

our wedding dinner is fast approaching. my husband’s parents have decided to not join us in celebrating. but his brother went against (parental) expectation and confirmed his attendance. we are very grateful for the people who will be there. not so bothered by those who don’t want to – however strange their choice may seem to us. 14 tables is quite a large crowd anyways.

we are excited and a little nervous at the idea of giving a little speech and dancing after dinner. neither one of us strives to be in the spotlight and this will definitely be an experience to remember. i am making a mental note to fully enjoy and absorb all that happens throughout the evening.


sometimes it’s really scary, being with a partner who has a life threatening condition at such a young age. one that’s got all doctors worried, and no one’s been able to tell us what exactly’s caused the problem so far. it just is what it is. and that’s terrifying. i try to live day to day not worrying. but sometimes (like days his chest is tight), it’s really impossible to not think about the what ifs. i didn’t think i’d ever be in such a situation. this really heavy stuff has no place in my little fairy tale fantasy. it’s really hard to get past this phase of hoping and believing in the best, yet worrying the odds may not actually be in your favour.