This morning, I woke up from the most vivid and clear dream. Yoong and I were driving down the highway when all of a sudden we saw a row of large trucks getting to the toll. Realising something was up, he very quickly drove onto the side of the road and overtook the left most truck and got through the toll right before they got there. Once they did, they all stopped in unison and got out of their trucks. Epic.

They were there to protest. And of course, I absolutely loved it. I got out of the car and went over to look for someone to talk to. And in my broken Malay, tried my best to communicate all the things I wish I could do in English. Haha! Initially, they seemed uncertain. Like as though they had gotten as far as to organise the blockade but didnt take the time to sit down and decide how they were going to communicate their message and what they wanted out of it.

Of course being the clear headed organiser that I am, I began to prompt them with questions to find out why they were there, what their grievances were and what they wanted out of it. All in my broken, strained Malay of course. Where was someone who knew how to speak English?

Apparently, they were tired. Just tired of the long hours and being undervalued by their employers and society. Despite doing the very hard work of transporting all the things we need to live life undisturbed (this could have been influenced by the J&T riot a short while ago).

Now of course me being me, I immediately started thinking of how to make the blockade most effective. How to get the message out. Seemed most likely through social media, so my dreamscape became the view from a drone beginning with the incredibly long jam behind the trucks, moving past heavy vehicles behind them with harpoons. There were even cops on bikes next to them, but they seemed more interested in the weaponry than there to break it up. I would be too, those harpoons looked totally cool.

As my view floated past the sea of people, my mind began to ponder upon the power of the people, when standing together. How glorious a power in our own fingertips yet somehow the power for the most part lies in the hands of the unjust. Of the corrupt. Of those who haven’t got it all figured out yet seem all too comfortable making decisions for everyone else.

Isn’t the plight of the truckers the most basic, relatable concept?

We all want to be valued and treated humanely. We want to put in good work and get paid fairly and make a good honest living and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Basic human rights. But there is always the poor and disadvantaged. And somehow we overlook them under the belief that everyone is capable of making their own path and getting out of the undercurrents. And then we put our money towards supporting the systems that continue to abuse power (money) at the cost of all that is humane.

Money is king. Humanity has little to no value. And the world is falling apart. Perhaps not human beings. We will learn to eat food cube supplements heated in microwaves to continue surviving and plundering the earth if that’s what big pharma wants. But the world itself. The forests, the oceans, all the other living beings. Everything that makes up this incredibly diverse eco-system.

Honestly, I believe it begins on the ground level. How we treat each other and how we raise every next generation. The more we overlook each other’s emotions, feedback and value, the more we make our own human existence a soulless, meaningless mechanism to serve someone else’s greed. Because nothing makes for a better foot-soldier than people raised with no humanity, no compassion. no vulnerability. And in order to do better, we have to treat each other better.

What a dream. Perhaps more than anything, it made me think of how much I really do care. I care enough to want to stand with and for people who are choosing to stand up. To fight for what is right. Am I doing enough? I choose to be the light, the change I want to see in the world. But my reach doesn’t impact very much at all. Is working on myself and touching the lives of those nearest to me enough? I can’t help but think of the rest of the world. Everything big and little. The J&T guys who were obviously disgruntled who were forced to apologise “school kid style” rather than be seen and heard and how everyone accepted that and just moved on without addressing the cause of their frustration.

#istandwiththetruckers LOL

I stand with anyone fighting any losing battle for humanity, for all that is good and pure in this world.

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