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and so it goes




went for my brother in law’s wedding over the weekend. and even though i love my crazy dreads, sometimes i think it needs a little tidying up before i go for a social/public event. my dreads have stopped shrinking now and it can finally start to grow out but as of right now it’s considerably short. wasn’t easy to get it neat, but i managed to pull something off.






our lovely garden is growing now. and quite fast i might add. well, to me at least. sometimes i’m still caught off guard when i look over at the plants and see how big they’ve gotten. we’ve got 16 inch ladies fingers (okra) growing now. and i don’t know if there’s a larger breed of the plant, but they look freakishly long to me. haha.

muesli 10.9.2014


we’re having fruit yogurt honey chia muesli for breakfast every day. i think it’s brilliant because i’ve been getting more fruits than ever before and having it this way makes it so much more enjoyable. i’m really happy that we’re having all our meals at home now. i wasn’t sure if i was up for the whole cooking thing because cooking was never really that much of an interest. but somehow getting to prepare our own food and the bonus of not having to go out for every meal has made cooking very manageable. in fact, i’m really starting to look forward to it. that’s progress!


Went to Ravenswood for lunch today.
Nice big place by the river. Unfortunately it was too windy and cold to eat outside.
Challenge of the week. Lol. I actually looked at the menu, looked for the “snack” portion of it and ordered a hamburger, thinking it’d be just nice for lunch and I wouldn’t walk away feeling stuffed. And THAT’s what they served me. Only managed to gobble down a third of it. The rest of it is sitting in the fridge now.
Mum’s appropriately portioned meal.


Day 25: Something you crave a lot.

I think the one thing I crave the most on a constant basis is food.

I’m a complete food lover. But I don’t blog about food and stuff because I don’t really feel like talking about the food I eat most of the time. I don’t think thoughts like “OMG that was delicious” make for a very interesting read. I never go through other blog posts on food, so I wouldn’t even know where to start.

I say “crave” now because I no longer get to eat as much as I would like to. My body does not magically transform everything I eat into nothing now. And I have been gaining weight. Well actually I’ve been gaining and losing weight in the extreme over the past 4 years. I don’t want to have to starve myself and exercise like mad again for a while. So I guess I’m cutting down on the food I take.

Right now, I want the PJ OldTown chicken rice. Or Kayu’s nasi goreng ayam. Or ss2’s nasi lemak ayam. I guess I’m in the mood for rice.


And then some Gulab Jamun. Coz everyone that knows me knows that I have such a sweet tooth!

Dieciocho : FOOD

Day 18: Favorite Place to Eat.


Well, to be more specific, my favourite place to get food in Penang would be at the end of Gurney Drive. The hawker centre.

My grandparents used to have a stall there, selling sugarcane (actually I think they sold other drinks too. I just have a clear memory of the sugarcane machine, so to me it was a sugarcane stall). I spent the first few years of my life hanging around Gurney Drive. And I still love going back there now.

In continuation of my little tradition, here are my Top 4.

O’chien / Fried Oyster Omelette. Possibly my favourite food of all time. I can’t seem to get the Penang style o’chien anywhere else. The ones around KL are flat out crap.

Char Koay Teow with duck eggs. It tastes good with normal eggs, but I like duck eggs so much more. It’s a personal choice though, so if you’re not a fan, stick to the usual.

Muar Chee. Sticky rice balls coated with sugar and ground roasted peanuts. Sesame seeds optional. I personally hate sesame seeds.

Curry mee. Only worth eating if it’s filled with pigs blood (those maroonish blocks seen left in the picture). I swear, it’s so much tastier than it sounds.

Seis : Pretty Colours

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy.

I’ve always been a fan of bright colours. Just looks so pretty.
This picture makes me feel all colourful inside.
I also love baking. That was, when I had an oven to use anyways. I’ve made pink themed cupcakes and cookies. And there was once we made blue and green cookies as well. Which were completely edible, but looked like play dough. We never finished eating em.
I guess in some ways I wanna be that typical housewife you see in classic tv shows. Having a hot batch of cookies on the dining table every Sunday morning. Packing school lunches for the kids. Cooking dinner every night. And no, I don’t really know why myself. So no point asking. Hehe.

But come on, is there anything prettier than a rainbow coloured cake?
p/s : Pictures courtesy of I’ve linked it to the recipe page for those of you who would like to experiment around a little and feel really colourful too. Enjoy!