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random Craving!

I have a strange random craving for cake. Like right now. Nothing with cheese or too much cream, blackforest or moist chocolate would be good thank you. Oh and strawberries with some whipped cream would be really awesome too! Anyone feel like pampering me? (: Unfortunately this craving has to come at 5 in the morning. When there aren’t any shops open that I can get it from. Been up mixing music and I’d really love to have something sweet then go to sleep. Maybe I’ll go bake myself a cake instead. I really have to do everything for myself, don’t I……..

Oh and happy anniversary to weggie. I’m happy ya’ll made it this far.

we came, we baked, we conquered

This is what Chrissie & I do when we’re bored.

Cupcakes on the first day.

Ingredience for our cookies.

Coloured cookie mix.

Cookies before going in.

All done (:

Us making cookies. Again.

Yes, they look more like play dough.

But they turned out totally edible okay. And very very cute (:
We’ll probably be making more soon.
Maybe next time they’ll be even more colourful.

Beijing Olympics

I’m in Starbucks Juru now, and the connection is damn pissing me off. Very freaking slow for the price we’re paying to eat here. Which makes me realise, I don’t actually know why we’re here. We came to switch back the car which was a toyota corolla saloon series (according to my brother la, coz I dunno anything about cars) I know, i know, despite the fact that I had a boyfriend that was totally car crazy.

It’s about 7 now, and if we don’t leave soon, I’m gonna miss the opening of the Beijing Olympics. I wanna catch the opening, coz it’s one of the only interesting parts of the Olympics. I normally only watch the gymnastics. Everything else is so blah.

Anyways, here’s a few pictures that I took just a few moments ago. I know, I’m damn fast at uploading right.

Gerrard at work. Well, at least acting like it.

Delicious pastries. Me likey.


Us. And our food. Yum yum.