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a slice of cake

it’s my birthday today!
happy birthday me!


i’m more in love with life now than ever before.
what a truly beautiful feeling this is.

and so it goes




went for my brother in law’s wedding over the weekend. and even though i love my crazy dreads, sometimes i think it needs a little tidying up before i go for a social/public event. my dreads have stopped shrinking now and it can finally start to grow out but as of right now it’s considerably short. wasn’t easy to get it neat, but i managed to pull something off.






our lovely garden is growing now. and quite fast i might add. well, to me at least. sometimes i’m still caught off guard when i look over at the plants and see how big they’ve gotten. we’ve got 16 inch ladies fingers (okra) growing now. and i don’t know if there’s a larger breed of the plant, but they look freakishly long to me. haha.

muesli 10.9.2014


we’re having fruit yogurt honey chia muesli for breakfast every day. i think it’s brilliant because i’ve been getting more fruits than ever before and having it this way makes it so much more enjoyable. i’m really happy that we’re having all our meals at home now. i wasn’t sure if i was up for the whole cooking thing because cooking was never really that much of an interest. but somehow getting to prepare our own food and the bonus of not having to go out for every meal has made cooking very manageable. in fact, i’m really starting to look forward to it. that’s progress!

kasa baliyosa

it’s been 2 weeks of non-stop hard work, moving into our new home. but it’s no surprise that i quite like hard work and any kind of DIY project. it’s going to be a work-in-progress for a couple of months, but after 8 years of being in the spin segment of a wash cycle that is my life, i am so happy to have a real place to call a real home now :’)









au naturel

i’ve decided to go green. in as many ways as life allows me to at the moment. i put it that way because there’s so much more i want to do and change, but planning things take time. saving up for it does too. but over the past few months i have done my research and decided to take the first few steps, which i hear can be the hardest thing to do.


i have 1 – stopped using shampoo and conditioner, mainly because dreads do not do well with products and also because products do actually damage your hair and skin, when it gets washed down your face and body. so i am now using the no-(sham)poo method. that means replacing shampoo with a baking soda + water mix and conditioning with apple cider vinegar + water.

i have also 2 – quit facial wash and replaced it with a combination of lemon/papaya/banana/yogurt/honey/aloevera. i am very happy to report that since quitting facial products completely, my skin no longer gets irritated, it looks healthier and glows more without ever getting oily. and my decade long battle with acne has finally come to an end!!! even at that time of the month when my skin usually decides to be a pain in my ass. apparently all the effort i put in with experimenting on all kinds of different creams/washes/scrubs was pointless because it kept my skin from healing instead of doing what it said it would do – fix it. took a while for me to really realize the damage that make up had on my skin as well. shouldn’t the priority of any advertising be a warning of how fucked up these products actually are?


moving on…
thanks to my boyfriend’s love of nature and desire to have a farm, we have started 3 – planting our own greens. lucky me!

b1 b2

we now have a LOT of stuff growing in and around the house. aloevera, oregano, chili, lime, papaya, brinjal, ladies finger, cucumber, sunflower, caladium, citronella geranium (anti mosquito plant) and crawlers. watching and waiting for them to grow is such a joy and torture at the same time. i wish i could go to sleep and wake up to fully matured plants that are flowering/fruiting but that’s just not how nature works, is it?

this process of going natural is teaching me to be patient and content with what is. i have discovered that being one with nature is extremely relaxing and healing. it’s shocking how people have drifted away from everything natural to live in a society centered on stress. work and technology. i personally would not remove technology from anyone’s life, but i think balance between the new and old is key. if you asked me, everyone should grow their own edible fruits/vegetables. it’s cost effective too, not having to buy greens once u can just harvest your own!

life has been so good to me! i find myself increasingly happier by the day and even when i don’t ask for more, happy things keep finding a way to sneak up on me and smack me right in the face.


our cat (shpongle) had 3 kittens a week back. they are too adorable! when we had shpongle and her first 3 kittens, their genders were almost impossible to guess. but since having them and knowing what to look out for, i’m pretty sure we just had 2 boys and a girl. full confirmation only possible when the boys’ balls become visible :D