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Flower of PEACE

Took 4-5 hours to complete because my tattoo artist is friggin brilliant!!
Still in the healing process so my entire thigh’s all sore now. And back too, from positioning myself weirdly on the chair. Lil’ note to anyone who’s thinking of getting a tattoo. Do not commit to a sitting position until you’re absolutely sure it’s not going to cause you more pain!

My gorgeous new ink! I’m definitely gonna be getting more coloured tattoos from now on!

Venom Tongue Piercings

Don’t know what that is?
Uhhuh. Hell yeah!

Didn’t hurt TOO much to get em’ pierced. Was over in a minute or two. The hard part’s the healing. Can’t really eat at the moment. Or move my tongue around. But it’s totally worth it!

That makes 3.


Yes yes. Another one.
As long as there’s space on my body, “another” tattoo will always be a possibility.

In balance, there is harmony.

tattoo #8

Yes, I got inked. This time at Black Cat Tattoo, Sunway Pyramid.

Never judge people for what they are at present.

Ever Regretted a Tattoo?

Sometimes, I regret getting the tattoos that I have gotten. Maybe I should have given it more thought back then. Not that I regret what I’ve tattooed on, it’s more about where. Having a lot of obvious ones have prevented me from doing certain things I’ve wanted to do. There’s this play coming up. And tattoos, not role appropriate. Now I’ve gotta find a way to cover it up. I’ve gone around looking for the perfect concealer, but to no avail. I wish I could get Kat Von D’s sephora line here. It’d make it much easier. I’m at a dead end for now.
I’d appreciate a lil help from anyone out there that knows where to get make up that good.
Or has any other tattoo-cover up related ideas.
Just send me a message on my facebook here.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!