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body clock

I cant seem to re-adjust my body clock back to the local time. I seem to be stuck with falling asleep at 6 and getting up around 2. Perfect! If I live in Europe or something. Not too good since I am, in fact, here. Therefore, I have found quite a few ways to keep myself entertained through the wee hours of the morning. Here, are among the many wasteful things I have done.

– Self manicure at 2
– Hair straightening at 1
– Wardrobe re-arranging at 4
– Laundry at 5
– Painting at 12
– Cooking at 3
– Horror movies at 2
– Long shower at 4

I’ve even managed to almost memorise starworld programmes between 12 and 7. Yes, I wish I could fall asleep earlier as well. But unfortunately that will take some time, and a whole lot of persistence.

Just finished downloading the whole first season of Gossip Girls earlier, so I finally get to see the last few episodes after putting that on hold for about 3 months.

So it’s 2 in the morning. I’m alone in the hall. All the lights are off. I just get off the phone. And having finished GG, I decide to put on a movie to watch. The brother downloaded some weird show “Queen of the Damned” and I figured I’d see what it was.

*puts in disc*
*clicks “play”*
*waits for the movie to load*
*puts off TV*

It was some freaky vampire sorta movie. Don’t know how it went, coz the first few seconds of the movie scared the SHIT out of me. Doubt it was any good anyways, or else I’d have heard of it. Freaky freaky song!! So I put in the closest disc to it and here I am, nervously blogging. Because this is what I do when I’m alone at home and scared! *pulls comforter over myself and disappears*

I want my baby!


Quick update. All my apologies for the lack of any the past few days. Been back in Penang for Jesebel’s 20th celebration. And before that was in Genting with her for Xlive. Kinda sad because I wanted to go to Thailand with Lisan and Stef. Too weird to explain now. Will do soon. Anyways, went to Xlive for work but stayed there an extra 2 days. Kinda was forced to stay there actually, which is another story I shall explain soon.

At the moment, I’m in netcity because I insisted on running in a short while to check a few things and quickly update the blog. I promise a proper update with pictures the moment I can. You know, once I’m done with catching up with classes and finishing my assignments. That will be all for now.


Victoria’s Station

Went to Victoria’s Station for dinner just before I leave for KL again. Would be about 2 months before I get to come back home again.

*Ron and I before leaving. And yes, I’m taller (:*

*According to Ron, he looks happy drunk in this picture,
and drunk drunk in the one below*

*Bangles. Another side effect of hanging with bhais the past 3 weeks*

*Haha, he wanted a side view, front view shot.
Had no idea my lil bro was a total camwhore as well!*

*See, I told you he was a camwhore. My phone, but got so many more pics of him kay.*

*We just had to (:*

You are Your twisted words

You and Your twisted words
Your help just hurts
You are not what I thought you were

Went to SS last night after nearly a year. It was good. Really, for about 45 minutes. Then the music stopped and there was a raid. Geez, the first one i’ve gotten stuck in since i begun clubbing YEARS ago. Again, it’s the first time i’ve gone back to SS since last year. I had not idea I was THAT unlucky!

* waiting out the raid *

So we were stuck there until about 5a.m. Me, vj deanna mtv and a few new friends, which recently happens to be mostly punjabi guys. Not really my taste, a little too much drinking, but they’re still alright fun to hang out with. IC checks and urine tests for guys. And I never thought i’d panic over raids since I’ve been of age, just that unluckilly, my IC was NOT with me. It was with Jesebel, and she was not around, so we had to avoid the cops, and wait til she got there.

No one got into trouble, and we all left safely. Went to get some dinner at some place that I cant remember, and then headed home. I never actually thought a raid could turn out to be fun, but strangely it was. Of coz, i’d rather not get stuck in one, like, ever again.

On a totally random note, i switched phone’s with Ron. So he’s got my dopod now and i’ve got his 5300 (: His birthday’s this friday, and we’re trying to plan a suprise.

*Keep ur fingers crossed for me*

There’s no place like home
*clicks shoes*
There’s no place like home (:

Guess where I am?

I’m back in Penang!!

Reached the jetty at about 6 in the morning after catching the 1am bus. Nearly missed my stop, because i fell asleep. Got up just on time to realise that everyone was getting off the bus. Thank heavens.

I never realised how much i really miss being home. I get to watch TV, cook my own food, wash my clothes with a washing machine, play piano. Little little things that i never knew i’d miss. I miss my room, my own bed, my cupboard, my study table, my everything!

Well, i’m gonna head off to bed now. Real update soon.