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Back to the Future!

 Future Music Festival Asia 2012!

Make a wish

Spent 11:11, 11.11.11 with the boys and sgrmse.
The past few months have been pretty darn amazing. I finally feel like i’m in the right place at the right time. If it was in my control, I wouldn’t want anything to change for a really long time. But life’s been a roller coaster ride for as long as I can remember. Wishing that nothing bad would ever happen again seemed ridiculous at that moment. Not to mention unrealistic. 
So I wished for strength instead. Strength to deal with whatever life throws at me in the future. Strength to pick myself back up. Strength to keep trying. 
Feelings change. Memories don’t. Friday night was perfection 

No E, pure PVD!

Paul Van Dyk yo! with Sugarmouse.


Ages since I’ve updated. I know. 
Been tripping too long. 
“Went to Massive and never came back”

And now, Paul Van Dyk!
See y’all there 

Coz I’m just Freaky like that!

More photos. In celebration of my blog turning 3!
And also because I love my readers :)
I want to experiment with photography now. While I still have a DSLR to use. Although these photos were taken by my run of the mill Sony cybershot something. I don’t know how to time DSLRs. Can they be timed in the first place? And if they can, how do you get them sitting nicely sideways. You know, if you don’t have a tripod. Or do you camwhore using a remote?
Anyhooooo. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, but I need a hobby now so I’m looking for voluntary “models” around the KL/PJ area :) Drop a line by here or on FB if you’ve got some free time on your hands. I promise awesome shots for your portfolio! Or if you don’t care about that, I promise we’d have a really fun shoot. I think I’m fun…