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-definitely not her.

If you don’t know who I am, I won’t bother to even write the whole introduction thing again, so please click here to find out, if you must.

One thing though, I’m the Pineapple to the Mango, the A to the D, and the Daphne to the Charissa.

I’m here to hijack her blog because she did it earlier today on mine, so I’m just returning a favour – no updates whatsoever till our (hopefully) Penang date, because I’m super looking forward to it and I’d be HECK bummed if (God forbid) my parents don’t allow my travelling. After all, I’ll be having 2-3 weeks’ here’s to crossing my fingers till they (hopefully don’t) break.

Woman, here’s my first post (and counting) for 2012!


I believe we’re gonna do the whole Pineapple-Mango bloghack again after a year or so of not doing that. Yes, what used to be the norm became the foreign, and what do you know.. it became the norm, again.
Woman wrote in my blog about my being an integral part of her life and her growth and how much she doesn’t want to disappoint me above others :) This blogger of yours is now a different person as compared to when she was who she was in 2008.
When I first got to know her around late 2008 – the month that was November (and we decided to put the 5th as the date of our anniversary! see, who puts a date to remember their friendship? WE DO! :D); I NEVER thought that we’d have an almost-immediate connection. It was initially a DNA thing – we dubbed those names from Charlie’s Angels and I decided to avoid plagiarism by naming us DNA (childishness but hey you can’t NOT admit it’s cute! :p). And then the N in the DNA gave us quirky (and I mean, QUIRKY) last names to evade the plagiarism too; namely Bitchirina, Assyslia (which changed to Assylia to make it sound more classy AHEM :p), and then there’s…
Those who know me will know that I’d give them my trademark look upon hearing that name. Woman would probably go all HAHAHAHAHAHA by now, because there’re just too many stories to tell about this – like the classic high from shisha hence the knocking on a flower pot, the inport chaibo story..
Eh. :p
So the connection was made and eventually the N in the DNA decided to step out – reasons of which we don’t need to reiterate; so the DNA became D&A. And it remained that way eversince till that woman decided to add another name to us; Pineapple&Mango. I have NO idea why but I think it’s her orientation with colours, ‘cos she hates eating fruits AND vege. She’s gonna come in defense with naming her favourite fruits (definitely some pineapples and mangos included) but .. yeah, she generally hates anything healthy.
D&A in 2008 was, though strong; unstable.
Woman was unstable – stubborn, a little judgemental (with her ways of stating RELIGIOUS/VIRGIN right there at my blog, oh yeah that’s her 2008 wording :p), and she loved the high-and-mighty lifestyle. Sleep, eat, party, do whatever when you want, how you want it.
She’s also pretty unreasonable. We can just argue at any moment (not seriously) and then she’d go “YAH! I’M RANDOM WHAT! NO MEH?”…
..which leaves me silent, really. ‘Cos there’s just NO answer to it.
then in ’09, D&A went through a major guy drama. Or should I say, guys? And there was a particular drama that happened which made us go our separate ways. For a year or so – the strong-willed me cried a Charissa-cry (a la cry me a river), thinking that it was really goodbye for us then, because it hurt, just so much.
I just didn’t know how to go about the whole fallout, because it was just something so foreign to the both of us – it’s so weird because we never thought about it. And when it happened, neither of us knew how to handle it. I decided to keep quiet, while she spills it all over here, and I was the bad person.
And God reunited us once again in late ’10; giving this friendship a 2nd chance.
Talking to her again now, in 2011; woman is now a grown-up.
I see how she sees things, how she perceives people, takes in information, handles her issues..
..yeah, she’s more grown up now. :)
and proud of her doesn’t even describe one bit of how I feel about her this moment.
much love,
A :)


This is one woman that never fails to make my day seeing her.

The last time we met was … a VERY impromptu kidnapping-me-plan, mid-2010.

by the word kidnapping, you’d probably realize it’s not the blogger herself blogging.

Then last Wednesday, lo and behold we met again after quite a long hiatus. Y’all got to know that the hiatuses weren’t normal back in those days; but I guess we’re not exempted from the usual friendship norm : closer than ever and then life has its ways to part us – in this I mean the lifestyle, the timing, circumstances, etc; but what’s miraculous is that we can be out of touch for months or years on end, but meeting up again still meant sighing at the same time, laughing and stopping at the same time, saying the same words at the same time, looking at each other and we get it at the same time.. :p

And not forgetting STAH-GEE and SPAH-DEE.

So hello, reappearing again after so long, I bid a hacker’s welcome to MYSELF a.k.a the woman or whom she fruit-fectionally call as pineapple. I have no idea why she started the whole pineapple thing.. I’m not- okay, I AM yellow… ‘cos I’m Chinese, but I’m not.. acidic. Or sour. Or.. pokey.
Well you get my point. Even I don’t get her sometimes, so if you don’t, don’t fret :p
Bah woman youknowIloveyou.

I am the not-so-avid blogger that holds this site as my fort for my daily (or monthly or suddenly) musings, inspirations, updates, younameit. It used to be another site, and then we used to hack each others’ blogs a lot (don’t believe me? go check the pineapple/guestblogged label out. Oh, and this just shows you’re a little new to this side of your awesome blogger :)), then some drama happened, I went to Spain (not because of the drama), drama ended, I came back (not because of the drama), and here I am again!

So after so many testdrives/trials, this friendship still remains.
Or should I say, soulmateship? Sounds a little corny but that’s just what it is, oui woman?
And I’m welcoming my own return with a nice, long hackingguestblogging this post, I mean .. I should say it properly since I’m the “proper” person (inside joke) of the two of us.
Not much updates/whatnot since we met just last week. Quoting your blogger, I hope it won’t be long till our next time. I don’t have our recent photos, and I’m just butt lazy to go and steal from facebook (she’d understand knowing me too well), but I’m glad those moments were back.
3 years ago, she’d go all excited and jump and gimme that innocent smile BECAUSE she wants something. 3 years later, still the same thing happened at JUSCO TOILET of all places :p
3 years ago, she’d be all excited looking at nail polish colours and not know which to pick. 3 years later, … need I say more?
3 years ago, she’d say something so ridiculous, I’ll stare at her and she gets it. 3 years later, …
I think we established the whole familiarity thingamajig.
Anyway woman, this November, we’d be 3 years :)
From what was to what is, and what is to come.
Here’s to us, and I’m SO proud of you, how your strength developed through those years, how you become who you are right now, and how you deal with your stuff. And like how you constantly remind me, there’s no need to hold the fort yourself for too long. You have ME. :) and every other person who loves you around you.
Much love (I was so tempted to end it with XOXO :p),
la alma gemela. ;)

Everytime ; a Peach story

You asked , and I accepted Mango,
Don’t do this very often, but as how I first messaged you,
No harm done right ? =)
She takes my breath away.
Every time she says uh-huh,
Every time she does her little giggle of a laugh,
Every time she gives me smiles,
Every time she does her bobble head move,
Every time she says ‘hey’ on the phone,
Every time she looks at me and stares with that cheeky little grin of hers,
Every time she randomly squeezes me,
Every time she sings that favourite song of hers , with that single line that makes me go =)
Every time she tells me that she loves me, I think to myself ; what in the world did I do to get someone so caring, kind, sincere, gorgeous, intelligent, loyal and put simply just AWESOME?
I guess it’s just the simple fact that you are who you are, and that I’m lucky you decided to take a chance and click the Add Friend icon on facebook, right Mango?
Taking the view from my eyes, things look great and hopeful.
Why should I worry?
I have Mango, and she has me.
I love you,


I love the way you are crazy about me, and want me.
Love the way i dont need to expect you to do anything cause you just do lovely things without me asking you .
Love the way you know which is my music and play them randomly for me.
The way you take care of Phoebe makes me happy because , erm i love my car? =)
I love your cooking even though its been only once you’ve cooked, and im longing to eat the food your hands cook in the future.

I absolutely love the fact you connect everything that happens in our daily life to the fact that i’ll have to marry you fast.
And i even love it more that you want to marry me and see your future secure with me.
You speaking Hokkien turns me on.
I love you even more when you take the extra effort to deal with my huge family, and the way you love my siblings because you know they are important to me.

Oh lets not leave out the part where you look sexy every freaking day for me. Oh you so know how to turn me on 24/7! And i love that too..
I love it when you tie up your hair, somedays leave it down, somedays straigten it, somedays curl it, that diverse sexy look just makes me go crazy.
Im impressed with the way you dress. And when i can just tell you baby be ready in 15 mins, you come out super sexy and all ready. Now thats awesome.

I love the way you handle issues, the way you bounce back really fast, and you never keep anything in your heart.
Love the way you turn my work shirts into something hot and wear it when we go out.
Love the way you wear my t-shirts to sleep so that you can smell my smell.
I love the way you call me baby, love, da, and most specially the way you call me Brennan.
I love your smell, and it keeps me going oh la la all the friggin time.
I love the way you dance. Speechless..

You make me feel special and important, proud of who i am, and i love you for that.
You give me confidence in myself and that every moment you hold my hands you lift me up another step in life.
I love it that you’ve thought me valuable lessons this one month.
You take care of me, take my plate away after i eat, you offer to iron my shirt, and those things makes me wanna marry you more.

I love it that you always wake up and hug me no matter what happened the last night, and start the day happy.
I love your tattooes and they make you look sexy.
I love the way you adjust your glasses, chew your food and make that funny sound when you clear your throat.
I love the way you want me to control you and tell you things, and when i do in certain things you argue and listen in the end.

Your intelligence in handling finances, using your common sense and being practical in life doesnt just turn me on even more, but it just shows how good a wife you would be.
I love the way you say I love you, and mean every word of it.
I love the way you have made me love you, make me want to take care of you, and yes baby, i want to be your husband one day.

There is so much more i can sit down and write , and the list will just go on and on.

For those of you out there reading this, this is Charissa Adeline Pereira at her best. She makes people happy, and she cares a whole lot about the people she loves. Its a shame some people never saw the real her, never appreciated what she did for them, used her completely and turned their backs on her when things became hard. Shame on them because they lost someone who would have gone out of the way to do what was best for them. Its a shame those people never saw the good heart she has. Shame on them cause they hurt someone who would go to the end of the worlds for them(oh she might complain a bit along the way.. but she’ll do that, trust me).Yes she is complicated and she has issues. But dont we all?

Today is the day baby, you know that no matter what, you are special. Very special.

And ill always be right by your side.

Happy Anniversary.